• September 3, 2021

Pareto Analysis Example

For businesses, there are wide array of ways to use Pareto analyses to their advantage. On example the website Bright Hub PM points to is how to improve customer service at a call center. The first step was to survey customers to find out why they were unhappy with the call center’s service.

After getting the response back, the call center then divided the information up by complaint category, which included: “too long on hold,” “no evening or weekend staff,” “not knowledgeable,” “not courteous,” “transferred too many times,” “could not locate file,” “no phone payment options,” “hard to understand representative,” and “charged more than promised.”

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They then totaled the number of complaints in each category and figured out a percentage of each. They then figured out the cumulative percentage of the categories by adding them together. Based on the data, it became clear that “too long on hold,” “no evening or weekend staff” and “not knowledgeable” accounted for more than 75 percent of the total complaints.

In light of the analysis, it was easy to determine that call center needed to concentrate their efforts on those three complaints in order to make significant progress toward improving their overall customer service.

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